Nail Grinding is similar to hand filing but grinding is dune with an electric drill; it will make the nail shorter and smoother.
Pawdicures-  Painting your dog’s nails adds a beautiful finishing touch to a beautifully groomed dog. We offer an assortment of colors and matching bows. With each pawdicure your dog will receive a nail grinding, Paw Balm treatment, trimming hair from around the bed of nails and your choice of a color.

Teeth Brushing and Scaling will improve your dog’s breath, improve oral health, as well as remove the excessive tartar from your pet’s teeth.

Spa Treatments are a wonderful way to add some luxury to your pet’s day. We have a wide variety to choose from. Spa Treatment packages are available in bundled packages, so please consult with the groomer as to what would be best for your pet.

Deodorizing Treatment

Paw Balm Treatment

Supper Fresh Treatment

Oily Coat Treatment

Exfoliating Treatment

Aromatherapy Treatment

Milk Bath Treatment

Skin and Hair Moisturizing Treatment

Medicated Treatment

Flea Treatment